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The local ride-hailing app that shares more of the fare you pay with drivers, and gives you great offers too.


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We put local drivers, riders and communities at the heart of everything we do. We know your destination is important – but how you get there makes all the difference. There are lots of great reasons to ride with Ola.

Londoners can learn about the Ola offering at olaride.uk/riders


Great sign up offers and referral schemes

to use

Book and track your ride on your phone

of car

Choose from metered taxi or PHV

Fair fares
A platform that values and pays drivers more

Safety first
We’ve done all the checks for peace of mind

Current offers

Refer a friend
Get a free ride up to £5 for each friend you refer to Ola

Flat fares
Guaranteed low fares, to and from airports

Weekly offers
Awesome discounts in your inbox


Booking a ride with your Ola app is easy. Select the RIDE NOW option Turn on your phone's GPS settings. - Login to your Ola App using your registered phone number or email ID. (Don’t forget to Create an Account if you’re a first timer) - Set up your pickup and drop off locations - Choose the cab type you want. - Confirm your booking. That’s it, your ride is booked. We’ll send your booking confirmation to your App screen. You’ll be able to view your ride details, cab location on the map, and the time your driver will take to pick you up on the Pickup Arriving screen.
To ensure our driver doesn’t miss you, your pick-up location needs to be precise before you confirm your ride. To set up your pick-up location, make sure your phone’s GPS is switched ON. This allows the app to automatically select your current location. You can also perfect your pickup location by moving the location pin on the map to the location where you want the cab to pick you up from or by entering your location in the search bar on top of the screen.
Equally, it’s important that we have your correct drop-off location to get you there quickly and at the right fare estimate. You can enter your drop-off location on the Book your Ride screen or after your booking is confirmed on the Pickup Arriving screen. You can also enter your drop-off location by moving the location pin on the map to where you want the cab to drop you off.
You can save your preferred location with Favourites. Save your frequently used location as favourite by tapping the bell icon beside the address and giving it a name. Now you don't need to manually enter the address when you book rides, simply, select your preferred location from Favourites.
You can find your personalised offers and coupons in Notifications Inbox on your Ola app. They’ll be automatically available for use when you click Apply Coupon while making a booking. Simply select from the coupons applicable to your ride and it’ll be automatically applied to your ride. At the end of the trip, you can check the discount applied on your total fare in the invoice sent to your registered email ID.
You can track your cab once your booking is confirmed. You’ll be able to see your cab’s location on the map and the time it takes for the driver to pick you up. You can also track your cab from the Your Rides section in your Ola app menu. All you need to do is to select your upcoming ride and tap Track Ride.
To share your cab details, tap the Share Details button available on the Track Ride screen. We’ll send an SMS to your contacts with a link to track your ride.
You can pay for your Ola ride with your Credit/Debit card. Simply add it to your Ola account. - Select Payments from the Ola app menu - Click on Add a Credit/ Debit card - Enter your card details and click Save Card
To ensure that all your Ola rides are convenient, safe and comfortable, we have a 1 to 5 rating system in place for each ride. You can rate drivers based on Behaviour and Driving Skills, Quality of Service, and Car Cleanliness. We use this to assess the drivers we work with and improve your rider experience.
We recommend entering your exact pick-up and drop-off locations to make your travel hassle-free. You can always check on your Ola app if the drop-off location is within the city limits. All you need to do is - - Enter your drop-off location. - Select your desired location from the suggested locations. - Check the message displayed on your Ola App screen. If the drop location is outside the city limits, you will see the message on the screen stating ‘invalid drop location’.
Quality assured, private hire vehicles with set fares when you book. For up to 4 people.
Metered Taxi
Local, metered taxis, so you pay the fare on the meter with no peaking or surging at any time.
Comfort XL
Larger, private hire vehicles with set fares when you book. For extra luggage or up to 6 people.
We use a Rate Card to display our fares so it’s clear to both riders and drivers. Check our current Rate Card in the Ola app menu for fares in various cities.
Double-tap the cab category icon (e.g. Sedan or SUV) in the Ola app to find out the per mile charge of that category.
Enter the drop location and choose the cab category to check the estimated Total Fare for your ride. Please note- The estimated total fare for your ride may vary due to traffic conditions or any variation in distance travelled.
The total fare for your Ola ride is calculated by adding the following:- - Base Fare - A flat fare charged up to a particular distance or for the first few miles - Distance Fare - The fare charged per km travelled. Depending on the city, the rate/mile may vary after a threshold distance or an extra charge may be applicable after a particular distance. - Ride Time Fare -The fare charged on the total time duration of the trip from pick-up time to drop- off time. This also includes driver waiting time before the trip starts, wait time in traffic or at traffic signals during the ride. - Peak Pricing (if applicable)-Peak pricing is applied on standard fares depending on the time of booking. It is not a fixed charge and varies as per the demand for cabs in your area. - Airport Charges (if applicable)- A surcharge fee may be charged for airport pickup and drop (depending on the city.) - Toll and Parking Fee (if applicable) - Taxes (as per the state taxation rules) Note - Base Fare, Distance Fare, and Ride Time Fare may vary depending on the demand for cabs during that time and the cab category selected. We’ll let you know about any fare increase before you confirm your booking if applicable.
Peak Pricing is an additional charge applied when the demand for cabs is higher than the number of cabs available near your location. A variety of factors such as office rush hour, heavy rain, holiday or local events can cause a rise in demand for cabs which may result in peak pricing being applied on your ride. Peak pricing is not a fixed charge and varies depending on the demand for cabs. For example- If the peak pricing applicable on your booking is 1.2x then your total fare will increase by 1.2x. We’ll always be informed if peak pricing is applicable on your ride before you confirm a booking.
Cancellation fee is charged to compensate drivers for the time, effort and fuel spent while trying to reach a pick-up location. You may be charged a cancellation fee if your booking request is cancelled 3 minutes or later after a driver accepts the booking request or if the driver has already arrived at the pick-up location. We may also charge a cancellation fee may if a driver cancels the booking after waiting at your pick-up location for more than 5 minutes. However, we won’t charge a cancellation fee if the driver is delayed in reaching the pick-up location by more than 5 minutes from the shown ETA. Please note - Cancellation fee amount and free cancellation time frame may vary depending on your city and the cab category selected. For taxis, local council hackney carriage rates may apply. Cancellation fee if charged will be taken from your normal payment card at the time of cancellation.
If you think you’ve been wrongly charged a cancellation fee, we would be happy to help. Click Your Rides in the Ola app menu and follow the steps below: - Select the disputed ride. - Tap the Support button. - Select Charged Cancellation Fee Incorrectly from the listed issues. - Tell us more about your problem and click send. We’ll look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.
You can pay for your Ola ride using your Credit/Debit card. Here’s how to add a card to your Ola account to pay for the ride. - Select Payments from the Ola app menu. - Click on Add a Credit/ Debit card. - Enter your card details and click Save Card. Once you have successfully added your card, all you need to do is select the card from the 'Pick a Payment' option when confirming a booking. Note- You can always add more than one card to your Ola account. When you pay by Credit/Debit card, you can settle the bill at your convenience from your Ola app before your next ride using your saved card.
Here are a few tips to help you get started with Ola: While registering, please select your signup country and enter the mobile number that you would like to use to book an Ola ride. You will receive an OTP on your phone to verify your mobile number. Next, enter the details such as your name and email to create an Ola account. Once you've filled in all the details, tap REGISTER. If you have a referral code, you can apply the referral code in Got a referral code? You can earn a free-ride coupon by entering a referral code while signing up. You can get the referral code from a friend who has an Ola account. Your friend can find the referral code in the Refer & Earn section of his/her Ola app. Note- If the mobile number entered is correct and you haven’t received the SMS with OTP details, you can request for OTP again by clicking on Resend OTP or Get OTP over a call.
You will be able to log in to your Ola account with password only if you have already setup password for your Ola account. Alternately, you can choose to log in to your Ola account using our ‘Login with OTP’ option. To Log in with a password, all you need to do is:- - Enter your mobile number registered with Ola. - Select the ‘Log in with password’ option available on the screen - Enter the password for your Ola account and select Log in. In case you’ve forgotten your password, click ‘Forgot Password to reset. Note- Forgot Password? link is only available if you have verified your registered email ID.
To reset your password: - Click on Forgot Password? link on the screen to reset your password. - We’ll send a password reset link to your registered email ID. Use the link to reset your password. - On the ‘Set password’ screen, enter a new password. Note- Your new password should be a minimum of six characters and a mix of both alphabets and numbers. - Re-enter your new password to verify.
You can change your Ola account password from your app. All you need to do:- - Go to your Ola app menu to view your name and mobile number. - Tap your name to visit Profiles & Settings. - Tap on Password to change the password. You’ll be asked to enter your current password before you can create a new one. - Enter your new password (minimum of 6 characters and a mix of alphabets & numbers). - Confirm your new password and save to update your password.
Refer & Earn is Ola’s referral program that allows you to earn a bonus when you successfully introduce friends and family to Ola. All you need to do is to share your unique referral code with others. When they sign up to Ola using your code and take their first ride, you’ll receive a bonus. You can use bonuses earned towards rides with Ola. There’s no limit to how often you can earn a referral bonus. You’ll find your referral code under Refer & Earn in the app.
- Your Referral code must be entered during sign up and cannot be entered later. - Referral will only be successful if your friend has never signed up or taken a ride with Ola before. - Each referral bonus must be used with one month of the date received. - Any referral bonuses remaining after deductions from a total fare will not be credited.
Refer friends and family to Ola by sharing your referral code: - Go to Refer & Earn in the app to find your referral code - Share your referral code using WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, Email, Twitter or Facebook directly from the app You can also share your referral code over the phone or in person. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can make or the bonuses you can earn. You’ll receive a referral bonus when your friends sign up using your referral code and take their first ride with Ola. You’ll be notified in the app whenever you receive a referral bonus.
Your referral bonuses can be found in your Notifications Inbox of the Ola app. A bonus can be used towards any single ride with Ola. To redeem a referral bonus: - Go to your Notifications Inbox by tapping the bell icon on the home screen of the app - Tap Copy Code on the referral bonus you wish to use - Select Apply Coupon when you go to book a ride - Paste the coupon code and tap Apply to confirm your booking Your referral bonus amount will be deducted from the total fare of your ride. Any bonus amount remaining will not be credited.
You can find your unique referral code under Refer & Earn in the Ola app. If you can’t see your referral code in Refer & Earn, it may be because: - You’re not eligible for Ola’s referral program - You’re using an older version of the Ola app - You’ve created multiple accounts on the same device - You’re signed in to your Ola account from multiple devices We recommend updating the Ola app to the latest version or signing out of your Ola account if you’re signed in on multiple devices in order to access your referral code.
You may not receive a referral bonus if: - You don’t have access to Ola’s referral program - Your friend didn’t use your referral code while signing up - Your friend took their first ride with Ola more than 90 days of signing up - Your friend signed up using an older version of the Ola app
Your safety and comfort are our top priority. We have strong safety features and policies in place to make your ride safe, comfortable and reliable. If you have any concerns regarding your safety, please let us know and we will look into it immediately.
Your safety and comfort are extremely important to us. We have strong safety measures in place like- - We mask your mobile number at the driver's end to ensure your privacy. - You can choose to alert your emergency contacts or call the police immediately using the Emergency button in the app. - You can also track the ride in real-time and share your location with your loved ones.
- Tap on your name in Ola app menu to visit Your account. - Click on Emergency Contacts in Safety and Privacy. - Tap on Add Contacts to select up to 5 contacts to alert in case of emergency. Once you have added an emergency contact, you can choose to turn on the feature Always share your ride details. This automatically sends your ride details to your contacts.

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